Fifth Grade Registration Activities

We can’t wait to meet our new class.  It’s such an exciting change for the students that their energy is infectious.

Feb. 20  (6:00 – 7:30 PM)

Elective night.  Come hear all our music groups play, then walk the school to observe all other elective courses demonstrated by our teachers and current students.


Rawlinson counselors are scheduling dates to go to the elementary schools to meet the students and help with on-line registration.  We are aiming for the weeks before and after Spring Break.  The days the 5th grade students will handle their registration cards are up to the individual elementary campuses.  We will send confirmation of courses selected ASAP.

6th and 7th Grade Registration Activities

Exciting stuff!  6th graders are going to be offerred nearly twice as many elective choices, and 7th graders get to plan that last year of middle school.  They may not know it yet, but the last steps here are the first steps into high school, so the decisions are important.

Feb 10 (6:30 pm)

Parent Night at Rawlinson, High School Graduation.  This presentation is targeted at parents of 8th graders, but anyone who wants to get an early start understanding and planning is welcome

Feb 20 (6:00 – 7:30 pm)

Rawlinson Elective Fair – Parents and students will meet in the cafeteria for a greeting from Mrs. Pena, and then listen to performances from all our musical groups.  Families will then be allowed to tour the building, where all other electives will have stations that demonstrate each course.

mid to late February

Rawlinson counselors will be in the classroom to teach all current students registration procedures and to discuss elective choices.

Feb. 26

6th and 7th graders carry registration cards to all classes for teacher recommendations.  Cards are collected last period.  Parents can expect a copy of the card within a few days for review and approval.

March 4 and 5

6th and 7th graders  will be guided through on-line registration and course selection.  Counselors and teachers supervise to help students select courses approved by families and teachers.  Confirmation of course selections will be sent home for parent approval ASAP.

Eighth Grade Registration Activities for 2014-15 – Clark, here we come!

High school!  It’s here already, and it involves bigger and different decisions than your children have ever made concerning education. 

The state is changing graduation programs.  We will work hard with Clark High School to help students and parents understand these changes, and to make the best plans for each student.  We can’t encourage you strongly enough to be involved in the process.  Please make plans to attend the various parent nights.

Jan. 24

NISD’s Magnet High Schools come to Rawlinson to present their programs to all our 8th graders.  Applications are available in the counselors’ office beginning in the afternoon of the 24th, or you can go to the magnet schools’ websites and print your own.

Feb. 3

All Magnet school applications are due

Feb. 10  (6:30 pm)

Parent Night at Rawlinson Middle School.  We will give an overview of planning for high school.

Feb. 26 

Clark High School counselors and students will visit our English classes to present elective options.

March 18 (6:30 pm)

Parent Night at Clark – The Clark counselors will be in the Hobby auditorium to explain in detail changes in graduation requirements and to help parents guide their children in the decision and planning processes.

March 19  (6:30 pm)

Parent Night at Rawlinson – repeat of March 17 in the Rawlinson cafeteria

March 20  (5:00 – 6:00 pm)

Parent Night at Clark – Repeat of March 17, but Clark will add an elective fair for more information.  The evening will begin in the Clark auditorium.

March 21

Eighth graders will receive Clark registration cards in first period classes, and carry them throughout the day for teacher recommendations.  Copies will be sent home for parent approval.

March 26

Clark counselors will be at Rawlinson to meet with the eighth graders in our computer labs to assist with on-line registration.  Confirmation of courses welected will be sent home at a later date.